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Who we are


To create virtual musicians, Alchemic uses proprietary computer graphic techniques to digitally clone the distinctive look and persona of an artist at any age.


To achieve physical likeness and behavioral realism, we use a combination of artistic procedures and novel machine learning technologies to systematically simulate human facial muscles as they express emotion unique to each individual. This physically precise character asset is prepared for any imaginable performance, whether it involves singing, dancing, or speaking.


We are hiring


Senior Animator

The Senior Animator will be responsible for producing animated elements, shots and sequences under the direction of the  Animation Supervisor. The Senior Animator will be expected to deliver key frame human facial animation.


The Compositor takes multiple diverse elements, however they were created, and blends them together artistically into a seamless, photorealistic image. Skillfully makes it appear as if the elements were all part of the same scene utilizing various compositing techniques to accomplish the task.


Digital Production Manager 

The Digital Production Manager (DPM) can handle all phases of the vfx production process, and is responsible for the show schedule. This includes partnering directly with the Producer and Supervisors, as well as interfacing with leads and artists in all departments.  

Production Accountant 

The Production Accountant is responsible for the handling of Production Finance work on a variety of projects. Works closely with the Finance Team to provide general and specific analysis and reporting to Executive Management and Producers.


Production Assistant

The Production Assistant provides administrative and studio support to the production team, interacting with all departments. We’re looking for someone energetic, pro-active, and friendly,  who is interested in gaining experience in visual effects or animation production. 

Assistant Technical Director

The Assistant Technical Director will perform a variety of tasks to ensure the smooth running of the tools, software and workflows between the VFX production teams and artists. We’re looking
for an efficient multitasker with exceptional organizational and communication skills, who can carefully follow technical documentation and instructions, and has a willingness to learn.